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Website & Brick-n-Mortar Inventory Management

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  • Website & Brick-n-Mortar Inventory Management

    I was curious if 3dcart has a partnership with anyone that would allow a brick-n-mortar store have their database of merchandise tie in with 3dcart's database to allow live/actual inventory between the two.

    We currently are using Microsoft Dynamics RMS in our Brick-n-Mortar store. I know there is a company, Nitrosell that we could go with but they want us to have our store with them and that is not something I want to do. Finally happy where we are at.

    Here is a link to what they are to give you an idea.

    NitroSell Integrated eCommerce for RMS HQ - YouTube

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    Look at Stone Edge Technologies . You can mange your inventory and update your 3dcart inventory at the same time. The price can't be beat and there are no monthly fees (except support if you want it)
    Learning curve is kind of steep, but it is very powerful.