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How are you managing QuickBooks Imported Data?

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  • How are you managing QuickBooks Imported Data?

    So, we've run into a dead-end with 3d and Quickbooks. Yes, they interface with Quick Books and no, they don't do it correctly. We've never been with a shopping cart (this is our 5th) that doesn't do this properly and I am at my wits end trying to figure out a solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated since 3d won't make this right and won't even acknowledge there is a problem. We've been able to get around the fact they don't import orders as either an invoice or a receipt correctly but where the real trouble comes in is with items with an option. In Quick Books you have a parent item - like a shirt. Then you have sub-items which 3d calls options. So for instance a red shirt, blue shirt, yellow shirt. In QB, you would then have something like SH as the parent and then SH:Red, SH:Blue and SH:Yellow. The : denotes Parent:SubItem. Then when you put in your inventory, it keeps track. The problem is 3d sends them over as SH-red, SH-blue and SH-yellow. These items are no longer sub-items of the parent and as a result, none of the settings in QB work any longer for inventory, etc. If you try to mark the items as a sub item within QB, it then breaks the order import. I don't get why they won't do this properly. Also, how are you managing your payment options? All the carts we've used import how the order was paid for i.e. Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, etc. 3d does not, you have to manually set this. We'd really appreciate knowing what people are doing to fix these issues. We rely heavily on QB for accounting, taxes and reporting to our Board members and investors. Not having appropriate tracking and having 3d doing such sloppy stuff makes us look bad to everyone. Help!

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    Use a third party app. I have yet to see a shopping cart interface well with QB. But there are a number of apps that do. Atandra T-Hub, Stone Edge Order Manager, etc...


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      3D CArt options and QB

      I would be happy to discuss how we deal with product options and the bridge between 3D Cart and QB. It is too much detail to write here. Feel free to email me at mpaigen at