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Quickbooks and UPS/USPS integration

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  • Quickbooks and UPS/USPS integration

    Ok, so I just discovered a feature in Quickbooks (sorry I'm still learning) that works brilliantly .

    I use the 3D QB plugin that imports all of my order/customer data into Quickbooks (which is brilliant in itself). So from there I print my invoices and then I discovered that I could print labels directly from that QB invoice too (which sends a Quantum View email to the customer so I don't have to do it in the admin panel)! Right now the only options are for UPS and Fedex. I want to offer USPS as well and claims they have a plugin that will accomplish this from QB too. Does anyone have experience with this system? I LOVE how easy it is to ship from UPS QB plugin, but I am looking for a less expensive alternative so that I can offer free shipping to my customers on any dollar amount...

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    We used to manage orders in QB and printed shipping labels with ShipRush. Worked great until our volume outgrew the system.


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      Shipping USPS from QBooks

      The shipping manager in QB Premier 2011 seamlessly ships UPS, USPS and Fed ex. Works great. I prefer to use QB as my primary info source rather than 3D Cart. With the QB shipping manager, tracking numbers are saved to the Sales Receipt in QB.