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3D Cart StoneEdge and Charging Credit Cards

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  • 3D Cart StoneEdge and Charging Credit Cards

    Hello -
    I just switched one store over from Yahoo and just love 3D Cart.
    I used to charge all orders in Stone Edge and the information would be sent back to the Yahoo store, but noticed that the 3D Cart Order page still shows each order as Authorized only even though I've charged it in Stone Edge.

    Stone Edge users, do you charge first in 3D Cart and then pull orders into Stone Edge? Or do you just ignore the fact that the order never shows as charged in 3D Cart?

    Just trying to adjust my order flow as needed, thank you!

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    I guess we just ignore it on 3dcart. I have not even noticed that until I just read your post. It is between Stone Edge and the processor ( in our case), so whatever it says on 3dcart is superfluous.


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      Thank you. The main reason I noticed it is that I use a Call Center for orders/customer service calls and they have access to the 3D Cart backend, but because of the difficulty in setting up remote access to Stone Edge I haven't done that. I just like them to have as much accurate info as possible, but this is small, I can work around it.