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Woopra and conflict with Checkout pages?

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  • Woopra and conflict with Checkout pages?

    We used Woopra in the past but disabled it because of conflicts on the Checkout pages. We had to selectively install it on other pages but that did not provide a complete picutre. Does anyone know if this has been resolved????

    I have been using the Lexity Live for a few days now with no problems, it is interesting but no where near as good as Woopra. Very little detail is available on Lexity Live and no controls or labels. Woopra also offers the chat feature.

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    What type of conflicts with the checkout page were you experiencing? I use woopra and perhaps I've been overlooking something obvious?


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      Hi All
      We use the multi page checkout.
      We have had an on going problem with customers unable to checkout.
      Or at least very difficult. This has been speratic.
      We have had alot of step3 update country. The problem was the billing address not populating at all and the system not remembering the shipping address.

      After removing the woopra code this has now been fixed. Hopefully sales will go back up now.

      We are going to miss woopra but sales are more important.


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        I have my code installed in the header and foot areas and I've had no complaints about checkout from anyone. I tested and was able to check out with no problems. I do, however, use single page checkout currently, although I'd opted for multi page until very recently


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          Thanks Toobusy.
          I just re-installed it and did some testing. So far, so good. It looks like they have changed the code a bit and the service also got a face lift. Way better and a ton more detail than Lexity Live.
          I hope I don't Jinx it and start running into the checkout issues again.

          By the way, we also use Multi Page Checkout.


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            Glad it's working now. I'd be lost without woopra. I gain alot of business through referrals from forums and without woopra and being able to see backlinks to posts where someone had mentionef my site or my services, I'd never know about the forums, the posts, or that there was another venue for me to participate at.


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              Do these services give you much more info than Google Analytics already does?


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                I know for me I can see any back link a person used to get to my site, where they are from, browser they're using, resolution, IP, each page they view, what search terms they used to find the site, their ISP, etc. I get chat requests if they have questions which I can live chat with them, if they get hung up during checkout for any reason, I can see where they are and I can send a chat request to them to see if they're experiencing problems, etc. I'd be lost without it, or at least I'd feel lost.

                If I've missed anything would another woopra user chime in?


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                  once I installed the Woopra code we started getting orders without e-mail addresses and customer reports of the shipping address replacing the billing address the customer enters on Checkout3 page.
                  Once I removed the code things seem to be back to normal.


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                    To the people who had shipping addresses change to billing - do you use paypal to process payments? I know it happens with paypal - but didn't THINK that Woopra was causing me any problems... now not sure??
                    Pat Cotter

                    The Preemie Store