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  • Facebook product "like" button

    I have enabled the facebook "like" button on my product pages under social bookmarking (SocialCommerce/SocialBookmarking). When I tested it, it does not pull the actual product image. It pulls a random image or one of the related product images instead. I also tested it using SocialCommerce/LikeButton and it does the same thing. Does anyone know how to get it to pull the main product image?

    Also, when I tweet from a product page and it then connects to my facebook business page or personal page it pulls a different image as well but works fine on twitter.

    It seems the simplest features on 3dcart, along with the critical ones like mobile commerce always have some glitch that causes them not to function properly. Very frustrating and adds more work than we need to be worrying about! I finally got the Pinterest "pin it" button to work but it is inconsistent.