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  • Skipped orders (shipworks)

    We are experiencing some rather serious issues with 3dcart/shipworks.

    First ill outline our process of handling orders and then explain the problem as well as solutions we have tried.

    Orders come in and are automatically downloaded by shipworks. We choose the number of orders we plan to process the following day and mark them as processing in shipworks. This also updates the online status to processing.

    We began getting complaints a few months ago about excessive processing times from customers. We very quickly realized that a small percentage of orders never made it to shipworks and therefore did not ever get processed.

    Upon further investigation we realized that these order DID have shipworks data in them but were never added to shipworks. In order to get them to come down to shipworks the data must be deleted and then they come over properly. Needless to say this is a very annoying problem as these orders are hard to identify until they are beyond our standard processing time. Thus those order ship at least one if not two days late.

    After numerous support tickets with 3dcart and shipworks the problem is still there. In fact it seems to be getting worse. What started as a few orders a week is up to around 5%.

    We read a post on shipworks forum with the same issue and it was suggested to enable the order number prefix (we were not using one previously). We actually made it two weeks without a skipped order before the problem returned. I tracked every order that got skipped in a spreadsheet and there is no real pattern to it.

    3dcart blames shipworks and shipworks says they cant do much since 3dcart controls the module.

    Has anyone ever seen something similar and if so how did you fix it. We are on the verge of changing carts as this is quickly costing us customers with the excessive processing and shipping times.

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    Originally posted by Ruppy View Post
    3dcart blames shipworks and shipworks says they cant do much since 3dcart controls the module.
    We looked into this issue and believe specific factors like the payment method being CBA or Google Checkout, or orders with multiple shipments could generate the issue with Shipworks downloading these orders via the module in 3dcart.

    The good news are that Shipworks is moving their integration to use the 3dcart API so they get full control over it. I believe it's almost ready to go, not sure if they're looking for beta testers.



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      Thank you for the reply Jimmy. We do not use CBA or Google. Nor do we have multiple shipments. I do however agree with the assesment that something with the specific orders is causing it. It is deeper than the obvious though and not something we can find in common from a user standpoint.

      Its good to know that something is in the works.


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        Any update on this? The problem is steadily getting worse...


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          Was this ever resolved? I am considering using ShipWorks for my day-to-day order management, as I find it to be a much more intuitive program than Stone Edge.


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            Yes for the most part everything is working as intended in shipworks with the new api integration.

            Shipworks takes a little work to get setup but in the end it does very well.


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              I am really liking ShipWorks, but it doesn't seem to download changes to orders. For example, an updated shipping address or a change in line items. I have it set to check for 7 days back on modified orders.

              Any insight, fellow Shipworks users?


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                Try setting it to 14 days and make sure enable download to 3dcart is checked


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                  It turns out it was successfully downloading changes to address, but not item-level changes. Shipworks says that item-level changes are not supported yet.

                  Separate ShipWorks question which I just posted on their forum:

                  3DCart is set to automatically email a shipment confirmation when an orders online status is set to "Shipped". This email should also include the tracking number.

                  The problem is that the tracking number field is blank when the email is sent. ShipWorks is successfully uploading the shipment details AND successfully setting the online status to shipped, but when 3DCart sends the email the tracking number isn't yet populated.

                  Basically it seems like two operations in the action are happening too quickly and 3DCart doesn't have time to fully receive the tracking number before being told that the order is shipped and to send the email.

                  The action I'm using is:

                  When: A shipment is processed
                  1. Upload shipping details (Amazon)
                  2. Set local status to shipped
                  3. Upload shipment details (3DCart)
                  4. Update online status (3DCart)

                  Is there an elegant way around this? Maybe I could put #2 between #3 and #4 just to give 3DCart that extra few milliseconds...


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                    Hm. That's interesting. I will have to look more closely at our Shipworks system to see exactly how we have it set. After we first got it running on our system we have never had to look at the settings again so I don't remember the way we did it. Once we click Process, Shipworks updates the local and online status without us ever doing a thing, and it works beautifully. I'm out of town this week, but if you haven't solved it by the time I am back in my office I will look at our configuration and let you know how we are doing it.
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                      Another Alternative

                      We used to use Shipworks (for 6+ years) but moved over to Shipstation. Not only do you get free Endicia and Express One accounts, but we also have found it to be faster and easier to work with (it's far easier than Shipworks ever was to modify packing slips, shipping emails, etc.).

                      We were actually their test store with 3d Cart. Once we got the initial bugs worked out, it has performed seamlessly. ALL of our orders are automatically downloaded into ShipStation and all of the tracking is automatically uploaded back to 3d. It's the only software we use for shipping and we sell on 5 different platforms in addition to 3d.

                      Here's a link for anyone that's interested. Yes, they do have an affiliate program so we do get a small credit for a referral ;<).

                      ShipStation - Powerful shipping, simplified. eBay, Amazon, Magento eCommerce shipping

                      If you have any specific questions, you can always post or PM us.


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                        ShipWorks lured me in with their no-creditcard-required free trial and I really liked it. That said it isn't perfect. I looked at ShipStation for a bit but didn't want to give them a CC# to try it out. I may evaluate it again in the future. The fact that it has built in RMA system and can work with Mail Innovation (which ShipWorks requires separate software to do) is attractive.

                        I can't imagine that a web based solution (ShipStation) would have as flexible of a template system as ShipWorks. Since their templates are written in XSL/XML I can do a lot of nifty custom things with it.

                        For example one thing that I need is a daily list of all line items from orders that are new today. On ShipWorks I select my "New" filter, and run my "Line items" report which I wrote myself. It can automatically exclude individual items that I mark as being in stock, and can add specific text to lines that are from specific customers, for example.