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  • Endicia - Regional Rate A

    We have the Endicia plug in enabled on our site and it works well for regular priority and flat rate shipping to domestic locations but we are losing money by using flat rate when regional rate is cheaper.

    How can we get Priority (Class) / Regional Rate A (Type) as a box type on the drop down?

    The current selections are:
    Priority /
    Package (rectangular)
    Package (non-rectangular)
    Small Flat Rate
    Medium Flat Rate
    Large Flat Rate
    Flat Rate Envelope
    Flat Rate Padded Envelope
    Legal Flat Rate Envelope

    Does this task fall on 3dcart or Endicia's plate?


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    I'm about 99% sure this falls onto 3DCart's plate.

    Endicia has a very thorough API and I don't believe 3DCart has implemented all of it. They seem to have implemented it enough so that it works for low-volume shippers. I assume they will flesh it out over time so that it becomes more and more complete, but that will probably be over a period of many months.

    If you are a higher volume shipper then I really recommend using some software designed for the task, like ShipWorks or the Endicia desktop program.


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      Well it depends. 3DCart does not have an option to setup for Regional Rate but Endicia does. So it depends on how you set up your Shipping Methods

      We use Custom Shipping Methods in 3Dcart for Domestic and its based on order value. For us its either 1st Class for $1.95 (bubble mailer), Priority for $4.95, or Free , each based on an order value range. So for us we have to minimize our costs most of the time. We do that when we ship.

      We use Endicia PRo and from Edit tab click Preferences then look for the Active Mail Classes. You need to enable them. Just check off every type you want as a shipping option. All the regional rates are there as well as every other offering from USPS.

      So we offer a flat rate to the customer and then select the best rate for us when we pack. But as cbsteven mentioned we are not a high volume shipper so it works for us.

      As an aside, Regional A only comes in handy for some stuff we have found. It'll be better than Medium FLat rate for sure but so will a regular Priority Box under 3lbs. Regional comes in handy when its heavier and has to go farther.