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Suggestions for POS Integration?

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  • Suggestions for POS Integration?

    Hello friends.

    I have a client who needs to transition to 3D Cart, but also needs to commit to a new POS system and have the two work together.

    Does anyone have any experience with, or can make any recommendations for a POS system that integrates with 3D Cart, presumably via the API? Any ideas or leads would be appreciated.
    - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting

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    The only one that I am aware of is Stone Edge Order Manager with the POS add-on. Definitely not for everyone.


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      What is the alternative? Downloading and uploading CSV files with product quantities, etc. at set intervals?
      - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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        Yeah, that's about the size of it.
        YOu can script the CSV exports on the 3DCart end, you may be able to script the imports on the POS end.


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          We used StoneEdge POS and had it synch with 3dcart. The StoneEdge POS works but not one of the best POS systems out there.
          You might want to get on the StoneEdge forum (POS section) and see what users say.
          Old Forum: Monsoon Stone Edge User Forum
          New Forum: Monsoon Stone Edge User Forum - User Control Panel - Login

          The inventory integration with 3dcart is great. The site is updated almost immediately with any change in SE. SE is only updated with site sales when orders are imported. So far there is no auto import, so that has to be done manually although you can put a workaround together.

          The added benefit is dealing with back orders, canceled orders, orders on hold etc.. CSVs can work but it will be more time intensive than it seems.


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            Have you looked into Microsoft Dynamics? We currently use Dynamics RMS and we are in the process of having a company integrate the two. I hope that helps.


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              Avoid Stone Edge. Buggy and not well supported.


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                We've Stone Edge users with POS and are generally happy with it. No POS problems really. SOME versions have been buggier than others, but that can be said about any system. We find support to be pretty good. Show me another system that does everything Stone Edge does at the same price. I haven't found anything close.