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    It doesn't work for me, been talking with tech support through ticket system. Still no closer to a solution.

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    What is the problem?
    What steps did you take?

    Did you do the setup on GTS, and test the implementation? Did you site pass?

    Once your site passes, GTS will put you on probation for a month, then they might activate you or they might not depending on your percentages.


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      GTS is only looking for the big boys. Pretty much a waste of time.
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        I'm stuck at the Test Code's a big pain because I meet all the requirements but for some reason my template (which 3d designed) will not display the test code properly so I can finish the setup! Unfortunately I wasn't able to resolve it with their support through tickets either...darn!


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          If your site fails, you should receive an error message that says why.

          Also, see this post about Doctype


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            Unfortunately in my situation - I changed the doctype but the Test Notification Bar that is supposed to display that says the code failed or is verified working never shows, nor does the test badge so I can't get past the Test phase.


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              Brian, if 3dcart designed the site, they will fix it. They did that for us. The only problem is if you have modified their design.
              I would suggest restoring to the template originally designed by 3dcart and then ask your design liaison (not support) to look into it and have the design team fix it.
              Once the template is fixed, you can re-insert your modifications if any.


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                One more note about GTS. If you do a lot of drop shipping, custom orders, or allow back orders GTS might not approve you, or they might drop you after a short time if you do not keep a 90% on time shipping rate.

                "On-time", is the issue here. The 3dcart integration does not flag orders with back orders, it is possible with GTS, so they will not count against your shipping percentages.
                Also note that GTS will send an e-mail to the customer with an estimated ship date based on the shipping days in the GTS settings screen on 3dcart. For Back ordered, custom, or drop ship items that will take longer, the estimated shipping date will be wrong, and might create problems.
                The Gift Certificate fix in V6 should also help, as now they will be marked as electronic orders.
                You also have to keep a close eye on any customer complaints that are covered with GTS. You can find the covered orders on your Google GTS dashboard.

                We had our GTS yanked away for a month, we did some tweaks to influence our ship rates, and now it is back.
                Just some thoughts to get you prepared for this.