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  • Bazaarvoice (aka- Power Reviews)

    Is there anyone here currently using the most recent verizon of Bazaarvoice aka Power Reviews? I'm trying to get it to display on my product pages with the "compact snippet" review (meaning just showing **** and text of "write a review" versus the "Big Text Box" that appears now. I have had 2 outside web developers look at and they also are having trouble even after reviewing the "style guide" instructions provided by Bazaarvoice Express. Also asked Bazaarovice tech support to review one of my product pages and this is the repsonse I received which the 2nd portion I don't quite understand:
    1) Your site does not actually contain the snippet code - only the actual review display engine code. You should have the snippet code above the fold then the review display code beneath the fold. Both pieces of code are available under "Configuration > Get Code".

    2)Another thing to note is that Bazaarvoice Express does not currently support HTTPS, so when your product pages are using HTTPS - like the link you provided - the reviews will not display because of how specific browsers choose to handle non-secure content on a secure page.

    Feedback, thoughts appreciated! Thanks

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    I would move over to 3dCart's system. The only thing that Power Reviews has, that 3dCart does not is the Media part.

    If you move over, you get Rich Snippets, which is great for SEO...

    You can request an export XML file and move the review data over to 3dCart.


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      PowerReviews (now known as Bazaarvoice)

      Thanks Ritchey- PowerReviews has been purchased by Bazaarvoice, but basically the same review software. I have a custom website template here at 3dcart and when it was first had it installed I opted to "not" have the 3dcart review portion included ( probably should have included it). I have since canceled my Bazaarvoice/PowerReviews account and switch over to Yotpo's review program. Yotpo offers the ability to have a mini-site set up like Bazaarvoice, which is also good for SEO purposes. This is just an FYI for anyone reading this thread, after I canceled my Bazaarvoice account I was told to make sure all their JavaScript code is removed within 30 days otherwise may create issues for my website. This is now my new issue, getting the code removed.