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Using Advanced Shipping Mgr 3d App?

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  • Using Advanced Shipping Mgr 3d App?


    Is anyone using or has anyone tried the Advanced Shipping Manager app for 3dCart?

    If you have, what do you think?

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    We're a beta test site for ASM. We've been using it since August and so far it has been flawless. We are using their multi-origin dropship and advanced bundling add-ons also.

    If there is one downside, it is that the 3Dcart implementation of this feature isn't as clean as it we would like it to be. All of the data is stored in a separate database table and the upload/download tools are pretty basic. This issue is magnified for us because we may ship the same product from ten different locations, which requires us to continually update the origin zip code string based on product availability.


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      Thanks onering.

      It looks like setup is $250 with a monthly $75 charge. What's involved in the setup? Did ASM do it for you or 3d? Did they do any mapping for you or did you do the bulk of it/all of it?

      Is the mapping very time consuming or relatively quick and efficient?


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        For the setup, they add a link to each product admin page which will spawn a separate window containing all of the ASM variables. They will also add a carrier called ASM under shipping settings. Under product import/export they will also add a database option for Advanced Shipping Manager.

        We did all of the mapping ourselves. It can be time consuming but it really depends on which ASM features you will be using, how many products you have, and how varied those products are. There are many functions that ASM can perform, so the more of them that you utilize, the more complex the setup will be.


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          One of their reps is going to call me today to hash it out so your input is helpful.

          We sell such a variety of stuff, we need something that gives us much more flexibility with free shipping, inclusions/exclusions and promotions with and without coupons coupled with flat rates etc.

          I'm concerned about the mapping end of it and how much of the mapping will be ongoing maintenance or if it will be set it up and then leave it alone (for the most part).


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            Unless you will be using the multi-origin zip feature, most of it will be of the set it & forget it variety. Things like dimensions, bundle dimensions, package points, markups, invalid ship methods, etc. shouldn't change once they are set.

            The only other thing (besides origin zip) that we might change occasionally is if we are offering free shipping on an item. This is handled through the ASM database (not the 3Dcart admin panel).


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              Excellent info. Thanks again.


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                Anyone else using this? Comments please.

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