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Anyone use iGlobalStores? Or how do you ship internationally?

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  • Anyone use iGlobalStores? Or how do you ship internationally?

    We're looking into expanding our international shipping (from just Canada), but even with Canadian orders, we're not big on the amount of paperwork (customs forms, etc.) involved, the time it takes, and the increased risk of fraud.

    So we looked around and there's a company called iGlobalStores...from the little research that we've done, they make a pretty compelling case for making international shipping easy and pretty much hassle-free.

    This is not an endorsement of their's just what I've read online. We don't currently use it, and I am not promoting it.

    So my question is: does anyone on this forum use them? If so, do you like it? Or, does anyone use a similar type of service that they recommend?

    Thanks in advance!

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    We just create the customs labels through Shipworks, which is the program we use to process all of our USPS and UPS shipments. The customs forms only require a few extra clicks of the mouse and it's done. We also have our UPS account setup for paperless invoices, which makes UPS international that much easier. I have considered services like the one you mention, but it never seemed cost effective.
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      i ship a lot of small stuff outside canada and just use the canada post online shipping tools. For courier I use e-shipper makes shipping labels and customs paper right on there web site, download, print,ship. It also automatically sets up the pickup date with the courier company without having to phone or email them.
      e-shipper is great for arraigning pick up of packages in the US without having an account with a courier company
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        I also use ShipWorks. Really not much more work at all than regular USPS packages.


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          We ship with USPS through Stone Edge. Stone Edge makes the paperwork a piece of cake. We use minfraud integrated with Stone Edge to catch potentially fraudulent orders. So that's not an issue either. Pretty much just pack and ship.


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            Thanks for all of the suggestions! I'll have to see what some of these "automated" services cost (naturally, few show you their pricing structure up front) and weigh that vs. doing it ourselves using the methods mentioned in this thread.

            There were a couple of things that these kinds of software services offer that I liked more than doing it all on our end:

            1) Besides handling the paperwork involved, the ones that I've looked at also are able to show the customer all of the duties, tariffs, taxes, etc. before they purchase, so there are no surprises when it's delivered. I know we've had some Canadian customers less-than-happy when their package is delivered and they owe another 20%, so avoiding that would be nice.

            2) Some programs can also convert the price to their currency so they can see it in their own funds, which is another nice feature.

            3) And they seem to all (at least the better ones) have a 100% Fraud Guarantee, where you're not liable for any fraudulent charge. Of course, I'd read the details about this extremely carefully to see if there are any catches.

            We often ship pretty high value shipments (sometimes upwards of $15-$20K) so the fraud protection and no-liability alone makes this an attractive feature.

            Thanks again!


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              For what it's worth, we've been very happy with Bongo. They assume 100% of the liability for the transaction and the shipping rates are not terrible (a lot lower than International Checkout, which we tried originally).
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                Thanks! Bongo is the other one that we're looking at (we've pretty much narrowed it down to iGlobalStores and Bongo). They seem pretty similar, but there is one major difference that I see right away:

                Bongo - ship it to them and they forward it to the international customer. This isn't a big issue for us since we're in Georgia, and if I read their website right, their east coast forwarding facility is down in least it wouldn't have to go very far...

                iGlobalStores - they provide the paper work and shipping labels (somehow?), and say "no need to ship to us - just print your provided labels and you're done".

                I guess it will come down to convenience, features, the shipping cost for the customer (if one has better rates than the other), and of course, the price that we'd have to pay for the service.

                If you don't mind me asking, how does Bongo make their money? Monthly fee? Percentage of sale? Both? Other? Figured I'd ask on here before calling and getting tied into a sales pitch :)



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                  Yes, we ship right to their facility in Florida, and they handle all of the paperwork for customs, etc.. Taxes and duties are pre-paid when the customer checks out.

                  I also like that they repack and consolidate shipments for us. For example, when an order contains items from multiple drop shippers, or a combination of stock & drop ship, they wait until the entire order is there and consolidate the shipment.

                  They make their money by charging a little more for shipping, but I've found it's not prohibitive. They don't tack on a % of the sale, which really turned me off on some other solutions - the fees were just too high. No monthly fees or monthly minimums.

                  Best of luck!
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                    Very helpful! Thanks Chris!



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                      I use iGlobal Stores and love it. My customers shipping costs are far lower than Bongo and International Checkout.

                      It has been excellent for us so far.

                      PM me for phone number to talk if you like.