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    I am a BETA tester for the 3dcart Ebay module. It has been nothing but problems since it has moved out of BETA testing. First is wasn't syncing orders and tracking information, then the module disappeared. It has now disappeared again. When I contacted support they restored the module to my store. When I went to view the module it was disabled, so I had to enable it and set it up again. As soon as I did that and went back to the store modules section, it was gone again. This is a problem. If I am going to pay for a more expensive plan to have the Ebay module, I expect it to actually work and be reliable.

    Is anyone else having issues with the Ebay module lately?

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    We had an issue when setting it up, it would not let us log into Ebay from the set up page. We could, however log onto Ebay from Ebay's website. I put a ticket in. Shortly after I put a ticket in the Ebay Module was removed.

    I am hoping they are working on this.

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      Same thing here been missing for almost a week now. I was told there was a problem with it and it would be back once the fixed it. Not holding my breath on this one.