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    Google universal analytics is not seeing the 3dcart tracking code - I'm being told by support it's because the "old code" is hard coded into the frame.html by me or support

    what makes that assumption suspect is support is also telling me this was done BY AN AGENT in dec of 2011 although there is no log record of that template being modified during the year 2011 at all - why would they make this up? Do support agents EVER modify templates without a fee?

    I've paid for all our template modifications because I'm not a coder

    what I'm really confused is how the OLD code DID get there (frame.html)? - I thought when (in v4.7) I entered our GA id in Plugins->statistics->Google analytics the code populated on the site automatically

    why would the NEW code magically show up adjacent to the old code on the frame.html template, something I personally wouldn't even attempt when i could drop it into the footer?

    support is asking me to manually strip out the old code which i will do after someone explains how it got there - is that too much to ask? We're into double digit threads and once again support is arguing with me, making things up and treating me like a moron - how could I possibly know ANYTHING about a site I've been the THE webmaster for 12 years?
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    There is no way for us to figure out how it got here based on your message.

    It is totally possible for CS or for you to modify frame.html without a record of the modification being put on the site - specifically if you do it via FTP, which most coders do.

    Maybe check your old emails with support from a few years ago?

    If you want to post your frame.html somewhere (like I can help you identify how to strip it out.


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      stripping out the code

      Here's the issue - I did not hardcode frame.html - I do not know enough about templates to do that. I have NEVER FTP'd a 3dcart template

      I can strip out the code thank you - I'm just waiting for someone to answer my simple questions - if the new Universal analytics AUTOMTICALLY hard codes frame.html - how did the tracking code from plug-ins->statistics-> google analytics get on the site?

      Did EVERY 3dcart site have to hard code google analytics on frame.html? once I entered my GA ID into "plug-ins->statistics-> google analytics" what exactly occurred on the site?


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        Just wanted to clear up some confusion. Prior to the update that let you put your credentials in the store manager, You did need to have the code hard coded either in your frame or in the global header section or one of the titles and content sections.

        Its possible that someone in support would have placed it in place for you as a courtesy since you have been a valued member for such a long time. If you have a support ticket on this issue I would be more than happy to take a look at that support ticket and see whats going on.


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          I just did a little research on the account and I found the ticket where this is ongoing. I will reply to you via that ticket so that we can resolve this for you :)


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            I just need one simple question answered - when "plug-in->statistics->google analytics" was made available on 3dcart and I entered my GA ID, was google analytics tracking code added to the site automatically or did the tracking code still need to hard-coded IN ADDITION to entering the id info INTO "plug-in->statistics->google analytics"


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              Once the plugin option was available you would just have had to enter it via the plugin manager. You would only have had to manually add it before the plugin option was available. If it was hard coded before the option was available it would not have shown up in the plugin, even if it was added to the site since the plugin would not check to see if it was already installed.


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                One note to add.
                To use Universal Analytics instead of the Old Google code you would also need to check the "Enable Universal Analytics" box. 3dcart will inject the appropriate code automatically into frame.html


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                  I have the original google analytics installed in the frame.html. I check marked the box to enable universal analytics. Do I need to delete the original analytics I have in the frame.html?


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                    Yes, remove old code

                    I have the original google analytics installed in the frame.html. I check marked the box to enable universal analytics. Do I need to delete the original analytics I have in the frame.html?
                    Yes. Do that and then check your source code on a page to verify.


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                      Now I'm being told it "may" be jQuery is in the wrong place - we'll see