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FraudWatch - Any thoughts / Input?

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  • FraudWatch - Any thoughts / Input?

    3DCart is now offering FraudWatch at the following url-
    3dcart and FraudWatch

    The thought that 3DCart community input is factored into the score is interesting.
    I don't know why, but I trust this community... LOL.

    One question-
    For the test trial does the system automatically score all orders or do you decide which orders it scores?
    The 10 free "Fraud Checks" could be gone fairly quickly.

    Any thoughts or input is appreciated.

    Best regards,
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    Interesting. I couldn't find out how to access it in my admin panel. Could you?


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      This is being deployed still, only about 5% of the servers have it, it's being deployed in stages and will be on all stores within the next 2 weeks.
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        Not sure if you can decide what orders to run and I was unaware of the addition until the other day when I did a phone order with weird shipping, billing and area code which triggered a big warning. Sorta cool to see it in action. No real opinion yet, just an observation.

        As a side note this was a repeat customer placing another phone order so I could safely ignore the warning but the information it gave with regard to the warning was pretty comprehensive.


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          I'm looking forward to seeing how this works. I doubt we'll need it more than 5x a month, with the holidays fast approaching saving us from the headaches and hassles of fraudulent use and charge-backs will be welcomed.

          Yesterday we had an order thru the store checkout.

          Bill Address: Brooklyn NY

          Ship Address: Poland

          Telephone: Miami Fl - Cell phone to a business in Puerto Rico. Phone is disconnected.

          When I telephoned our merchant gateway only flag for them the bill too - ship too, otherwise it was a good order. Any assistance in stopping CC fraud is welcomed. Sorry but this order is cancelled.

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            The text and graphics are too large. I'd like to be able to hide it and open if needed. If that cannot be done, reducing it would help a great deal. If that can't be done, I'd like to be notified when 10 free checks are up. We have other methods of fraud monitoring.


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              "Every 3dcart store comes with 10 Free FraudWatch calls per month."

              What do they mean by calls? Transactions?

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                Would like the option to opt out!
                10 freebies a month is exhausted in a single morning, as I believe uncompleted orders count against you, as well. It takes a great deal of admin panel space when no results are even returned.


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                  I receive this response on every order:

                  " slightly higher risk because the distance between the billing address and the user's actual location is larger than expected."

                  Even when the billing and shipping address is the same......??


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                    I imagine they are comparing the "location" of the IP address the order came from. Which really doesn't work well for this application.


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                      Is there a way to hide or disable this feature? After reviewing it's notifications on 3 orders it serves no useful purpose for our store.

                      Revised: To disable this feature, log into your store,

                      Settings > General > Store Modules > Heading =Fraudwatch > remove check mark > save.
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                        Fraudwatch Works

                        Although I noticed irregularities on a recent order even without the advise of Fraudwatch, I can say first hand that it works. I recently had an order come in from a New York, NY Billing location, with requests to ship to a CA address. E-Mail address provided to our website did not match the e-mail address that came with the PayPal payment. Names on Billing, Shipping and PayPal were all different. Fraudwatch gave it the highest level 9 warning. I called PayPal and advised of situation, refunded transaction, and attempted to call "customer" ph#. Left them a message, and surprisingly they called me back from yet another phone number. The customer gave every reason to assure me that they were legit and wanted order shipped. I advised that we've already refunded the transaction, and asked that they re-order, but ensure that the shipping address they requested order shipped to matched PayPal records. I did further research on the suffix of the PayPal e-mail and found the actual owner of the card that was "stolen". They actually called me the next day after they received our order confirmation e-mail and noticed they charge on their Credit Card. This individual has had 4 other instances of Credit Card fraud within the last month! We provided as much information to them as possible, and they are currently working with local law enforcement to track down this Credit Card thief!


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                          If you use StoneEdge it is integrated with MaxMind which is $5/mo for 2500 orders compared with $30 for Fraud Watch.

                          Please 3dcart, integrate with MaxMind, and provide the bank id to StoneEdge.


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                            Fraud watch

                            I would prefer maxmind to 3dcarts fraudwatch - the last cart we were on integrated maxmind and you could set "threshold" emails which helped with alerting us.

                            Ever since we had a knucklehead forging credit cards overseas, and sending random $300 shipment around the US to "test" the cards (according the the secret service agent I spoke with)

                            That said, unless you are proficient in reading BIN numbers fraud watch is nice to fall back on for large orders but it's nowhere near maxmind


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                              Originally posted by elightbox View Post
                              If you use StoneEdge it is integrated with MaxMind which is $5/mo for 2500 orders compared with $30 for Fraud Watch.

                              Please 3dcart, integrate with MaxMind, and provide the bank id to StoneEdge.
                              If you use StoneEdge with MaxMind, why do you still want it on 3dcart?