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    How annoying they have changed their guidelines from 100 orders a month to 500 orders a month.

    Google Trusted Stores Merchant Guidelines - Google Trusted Stores Merchant Help

    Packaging and Shipping Supply Specialists

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    You've posted this like 3 or 4 times, same post, correct?


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      So has anyone got the badge to show? Is there a way to find out what the status is, or we just sit and wait?


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        We would have had it, but in October they changed the monthly to 500. Since we sell many high priced items, have two websites and sell on other venues, we do not meet the 500 on 3dcart. I have given up worrying about it.

        Packaging and Shipping Supply Specialists


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          The doctype thing slowed us down. As soon as we get the the new design launched, ours will show up.


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            We believe we're in compliance but haven't seen the badge - we emailed GTS support and received the following:

            Hello Mitch,

            Thank you for contacting The Google Trusted Stores with your question.

            Thank you for your patience. We are working as quickly as we can to make sure quality merchants are approved for the Trusted Stores program. We will be getting back to you as soon as we have completed the review process of your business.

            Warm Regards,

            The Google Trusted Stores Team


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              I got the same message from them, however I inquired with them further and got this back:

              "It has come to our attention that a significant number of orders placed on your site are not accounted for. Specifically, our records are able to account for only 42% of your orders in the last 28 days.

              Per the Google Trusted Stores Merchant Guidelines, merchants must submit shipment data for at least 85% of the total orders placed on their domains to be eligible for the Program. All such orders must be accounted for in one of the following ways:"

              Looking at our orders we have less than 2% unshipped rate in the month mentioned.
              I contacted support, and this is what I got:

              "I took a look at the GTS shipped export and I was able to find a few missing orders that should be there. I've escalated this to our developers so we can look into it for you. " That was on Sunday.


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                Just curious, does anyone on 3dcart have the Google Trusted Store badge showing??

                Update: Answer is yes. Jimmy contacted me with some links to some active Trusted Google Store customers.
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                  I'm not surprised by google response. We spent all of December watching shipworks and 3dcart point fingers at each other because occasional orders were not passing to shipworks.

                  FYI until a few months ago, 3dcart accepted any 3rd party api - the independent api would call scripts from 3dcart. then late last year all 3rd parties had to start using 3dcarts api (this according to shipworks)

                  If you look at release notes 5.1.1

                  2 bug fixes stand out

                  1212-b009 API - Orders
                  CDATA added on the shipment portion of the orders xml. Some shipping methods have the (R) symbol and that was causing the xml to break.

                  (this may explain your issue elightbox)

                  1212-b010 API - Orders
                  The API was using (,) commas as the thousand delimited which would cause issues for some third-party applications. We removed the thousand delimiter on the amount fields.

                  shipworks (who we've been using since 2004) kept telling us the xml was breaking - 3dcart kept saying shipworks coding was wrong.

                  So to recap because 3dcarts api was causing the xml to break we lowered our customer service (lost orders) and failed to increase our conversion rate using GTS - I'm too old and tired to move our 6,000 page website anywhere else but the least 3dcart should do is take responsibility for known issues rather than playing the blame game. It would save those of us running these complicated eCommerce sites lots of time and aggravation.

                  Ironically we opened almost 24 support tickets between shipworks, 3dcart and now GTS. Think of all the money and time both we and 3dcart could have saved if they told us about this bug so we could just do some "work arounds" instead of tying up a support agent - 24 times - until the bug was fixed.

                  Not a good system