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Canadian taxes on shipping options (plugin?)

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  • Canadian taxes on shipping options (plugin?)

    I've posted a couple similar threads to this back in April, but with slightly different scopes in different forums (e.g. feature request).

    Our shipping rates are based on the value of the item ordered, and I've got that configured nicely in the shipping manager. I've also got our taxes configured to tax our items properly based on the province our customer is in (books are 5% GST in all provinces, but some items are taxed at a higher HST rate in provinces with HST, such as 13% in Ontario).

    However, shipping should always be charged at the higher tax rate (5% GST, which we've assigned tax code G; or the higher HST in provinces with HST, which we've assigned tax code H), but 3dCart doesn't allow you to set a tax code for shipping rates. Instead, 3dCart taxes your shipping based on the tax rate of your products, so if a customer orders a $20 item that is subject to 13% HST and an $80 item that is subject to 5% GST, and if the shipping is $10, 20% of the shipping amount will be charged at 13% and 80% of the shipping amount will be charged at 5% (i.e. $2*13%+$8*5%).

    In this post in the General Configuration forum ( ) I posted more details on my situation, but generally wrote off the shipping-tax problem. In that post, I asked about how to get the shipping breakdown displayed on our 1-page checkout, but now realize that this will just create more confusion if we don't also clear up the shipping-tax problem. (For now, we've just been eating the difference)

    Does anyone know how, or is someone willing to write us a script (we can pay!), to set the By Value shipping method to use only tax code H?

    Thanks. Fingers crossed but I'm not holding my breath.