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Amazon Marketplace - GoDataFeed or ???

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  • Amazon Marketplace - GoDataFeed or ???

    We are going to renew our efforts at listing products on Amazon Marketplace and would like to use some type of automated service to synch our 3d products with Amazon.

    Since we already use GoDataFeed, that would be the logical first step. They mentioned an "issue" with variants that they hoped to correct in January.

    Is anyone using the GDF service for Amazon Marketplace? Any input?

    Or, is there a better way?



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    Monsoon is another option, as is solid commerce.

    You will want to do some type of auto pricing, and something to sync. inventory.


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      if you sell in multiple asins for the same product dont bother with monsoon. solid commerce is a mess in that aspect too. we are still searching for a better way.


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        We use StoneEdge on the back end - I can't figure out what the other part of Monsoon does or how much it costs, which probably means I can't afford it. :)

        Big Commerce would seem to replace SE?

        Same with Ordero?



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          1. Monsoon can do autopricing on Amazon
          2. Cost is monthly subscription
          3. Monsoon updates inventory from your cart / SE
          4. Monsoon can print out invoices and decrement your inventory from Amazon orders for your store.


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            Does anyone use StoneEdge with Amazon, but WITHOUT the third party Semplice software?

            Right now I use my own database+custom scripts to process Amazon orders and it works fairly well. Considering moving to StoneEdge if it works really well, especially if it is still good without the extra software.


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              we've used stone edge since 2008 i believe. its a good program but if/when (depending on your business model) you begin to grow and add on more and more simultaneous users, the system really slows down. Not wanting to move to the sql version because of some other features that were really lacking, we are in the process of transitioning away from the software as we speak. However, for the price seom is really future rich. There are rumors the next version may or may not remain open source, so customization is important to you, get in sooner than later.