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REALLY annoyed with Bongo International

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  • REALLY annoyed with Bongo International

    Over the past 6-8 months or so, Bongo International sales reps calls us 2-3 times a week and leave us messages about using their service. I am REALLY getting annoyed with these calls. I've already blocked one of their numbers from getting through, but do they get the hint??? NOOOOOOO! They now call from a different phone number and continue to bug the hell out of us on a weekly basis.

    Now I think it's very nice that 3dCart offers integration with other products and services, but can someone PLEASE tell these third party vendors to stop "cold calling" us (and emailing us) just because we're a 3dCart customer? I do not appreciate it and on top of that, I'm already using International Checkout for essentially the same service. Since they mention that in their messages to us, they can see we already have an arrangement with another service, so why the heck can't they just leave us alone? I'M SO ANNOYED!!!

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    I am in total agreement. I thought we'd gotten rid of them and a dozen other vendors last year and now they are starting all over again! I am not sure if 3dCart is selling our information to them, or if they are just pulling it from hosting information, regardless, I wish it would stop! I realize everyone is out to make a buck, but it is getting ridiculous. We are getting 6 - 8 calls a day from these vendors, who all make a point of saying they are working with 3DCart, and I just don't have time for it!


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      Try asking to be taken off their list, I have reduced the amount of calls I get tremendously by doing this. I get lots of credit card processors calling. The next is SEO firms - doing the BS we are verifying your Google Local Listing. So I have stopped agreeing to verify via the phone.

      The worst call I got, where the people calling me were real jerks was McAffee's Hackersafe. That call got me incredibly upset. I kept on asking to be taken off their list, and they kept on trying to close me. I finally hung up on them. I was upset enough I thought seriously of writing a negative review on the company. After that, if the vendor is too much of a jerk I will just hang up much quicker - I don't need the stress. At least I have not got a call from them since. I am now also having my calls screened - I don't have the time to waste with cold calling vendors.

      More food for thought:
      McAfee's HackerSafe: When all else fails, rebrand it! | ZDNet
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