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Feedback on FaceBook Connect?

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  • Feedback on FaceBook Connect?

    I'd like to hear feedback from folks that did the FB Connect please?
    I'm considering doing this.

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    Facebook connect works great. Logging in with your Facebook account is quick and seamless.

    The new Share Your Purchase feature has been a bit more troublesome though. The pop-up is working fine, but the button version isn't working on my site. I have a ticket it about it.

    Someone resurrected an old thread to talk about the new update; new posts start here:
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      FB connect

      I implemented it before they tied the existing 3dcart account automatically to fb which meant there was no order history with the new FB login so I had it removed That has been fixed but I'd like to see the ability to place FB login related messages ad hoc on checkout pages. untill then I'm waiting to to hear from others as well


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        We have it on our Checkout_1, and on our Sign-in, and Register pages. Have not heard any complaints or of any problems.
        Usage is consistent but low. I expected it to be higher.

        For recommendations, I recommend Shopalize. Excellent, complete control, and Free.


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          Originally posted by elightbox View Post
          For recommendations, I recommend Shopalize. Excellent, complete control, and Free.
          I'm pretty sure it's free under 200 orders per month, and paid over that.



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            The problem with Shopalize is it takes over the invoice page competing for your own calls to action and Google Trusted stores. Addshoppers allows you to share on every product and blog page


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              Jimmy is there a timeline for the embedded SYP to be fixed?
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