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Shipping from within 3d cart?

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  • Shipping from within 3d cart?

    I was reading the release notes and saw something about printing the labels with Endicia directly from the 3dcart admin panel? What does all of this mean? Currently we ship about 10 boxes a day (sometimes 100) via USPS PRIORITY, its getting to be a hassle to go to and use their system and then copy/paste the tracking back into 3d cart. If i could streamline this somehow it would be great.

    Couple Questions...
    1) How does it grab the weights? From what i input each product to be then adds them? Or do i get to set a weight per shipment? because i set my weights higher on the products than the actual shipped box will weigh.

    2) can i still group 2 shipment labels on a single 8.5x11 (half page label)? If i can only do one per label that is a waste unfortunately...

    3) does it really update the tracking # and set status to SHIPPED/notify customer?

    4) does Endicia give you the USPS "discount for buying online" still since youre going thru a 3rd party to buy the label?

    Thats all I can think of at the there a video tut. on this by chance so i can see how the whole print a label process looks? Thanks!

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    This is a new feature and from other threads it seems like it is pretty basic. Sorry, I haven't used it and am not sure if it will fully meet your needs, but I suspect that you would be much happier with full-fledged shipping software. Either Endicia's Dazzle, or It will make your life a lot easier if you are shipping more than a handful per day.