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    Anyone using Windsor Circle? - I'm signing up with them - they know mailchimp well. I tested Mineful but they have their own email system no where near mailchimps features. I've spoken to Bronto but they can't explain how to integrate with 3dcart.

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    Looks great. I can't find any pricing on their site.


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      $600 per month for 15,000 subscribers - I'm at 14,480


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        After posting earlier today I used the Live Chat on their web site and he quoted me $500 for up to 15K customers, 3dcart, and Mailchimp.

        Too rich for my blood but looks like a great service.

        I hate companies that do not list their prices upfront. I feel like I am negotiating to buy a used car.


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          who cares what it costs if it pays for itself & makes you money? all it has to do is produce $1200 in sales every 30 days - that's 3/4 of an order a day for us. I negotiated a 60 day out if I'm not happy, I'm not stuck for a year.

          we just left our (last) affiliate program - we've been spending $500 - $1000 per month to acquire customer for 12% but have not seen growth for repaeat orders. It appears in our vertical affiliate click customers are couponers and do not return regularly.

          We're shifting the (affiliate) spend to "mine" our own database - I'll be very surprised if the monthly investment of $600 doesn't pay for itself in spades.

          stay tuned


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            WC pulled our 3dcart data (36 months) very robust reporting. Awaiting for my first 5 free templates to be set up with auto responders


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              Thank you for the update. Looking forward to hear more.


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                Any updates on peoples experience with Windsor Circle? I am looking for a better way to leverage my large mailing list into some more targeted emails. The mailchimp ecommerce360 is nice, but the "category" breakdown doesn't really work. It goes more by item brand.