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Looking for beta testers for Amazon software

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  • Looking for beta testers for Amazon software

    (This isn't really related to 3DCart, but worth a shot)

    I am looking for a people people who are already selling inventory on Amazon to help beta test some software I've been working on.

    Most Amazon sellers know that to do well you need to have pricing that responds to the pricing of competing sellers. Many such services (called RePricers) exist but they seemed unreasonably expensive when I researched them - about $1/month for every 100 items that you sell, and then you are locked into that company's webapp.

    So I wrote my own RePricer using Google Tools. Your inventory data lives on a Google Spreadsheet and the RePricing is done using attached Javascript code. I am currently using this to reprice my own product catalog of about 22,000 items.

    I have been working on adapting this so that it is appropriate for other sellers and am looking for a few of them to try it out and give feedback. This will give you free repricing on your catalog for the duration of the beta testing. You must be able to populate a spreadsheet that includes a: SKU, UPC/EAN/ASIN identifier code, current stock, and price.

    Please shoot me a PM if interested.