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Stone Edge & Worldship Tracking Dates & Google Trusted Stores

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  • Stone Edge & Worldship Tracking Dates & Google Trusted Stores

    The tracking dates from Worldship are sent to Stone Edge in this format:20130405140037 which is the standard Worldship format. I talked to Worldship tech support and there is no way to change this.

    Stone Edge has a subroutine that runs on the Tracking Table to change this date to normal format 04/05/2013 . This happens when you click Process Tracking Numbers.
    For some reason, the date is uploaded to 3dcart at some point before it is fixed in the table. So our ship dates in 3dcart show like the first 20130405140037.
    This long date does not work with the Google Trusted Stores integration and the orders are not sent to Google as shipped. So GTS thinks that 80% of our orders are not shipped.

    If you use Stone Edge Status updates would you please check and see if your Ship dates in 3dcart for UPS shipments are normal or the Worldship format?
    If normal, what do you have as the Shipped Trigger?
    Item Set Actual Ship Date, Order Set Actual Ship Date, or Order Add Tracking Number

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    I have transitioned away from StoneEdge (I just found it too darned complicated) but my tracking number updates did correctly fill out the dates.

    Mine is set to trigger on Order Add Tracking Number


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      Thank you for the reply.
      I also have that same Status Update trigger for Shipped, however the malformed Worldship date is uploaded to 3dcart. I had Stone Edge support verify this but no solution was offered.


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        The difference probably is that I guess you are using Worldship, whereas i was printing UPS labels directly from StoneEdge


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          That would be it. Because the long date format is exclusive to Worldship


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            Found a work-around.

            I found a workable fix for this. PM me if interested.