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    I'm having a spate of issues with 3dcart's very own plugins.

    ROI tracker - 15 plus threads over 30 days - several contradictory "solutions" all tried tested and failed - ROI tracker doesn't work

    Quickbooks plugin - ordered it but no one asked which version of QB I was using which is online and it looks as though it's not compatible - I'm told they're swamped with work but they take the time to install a plugin which had they asked - they would not have bothered and could have been a little less swamped

    Google Trusted Stores - as I await approval I ran a test which generated a error code indicated that tracking was deployed onto 2 pages - it's a plug-in

    the more wrestling I do with support over these plugins the less productive I am - anyone else experiencing similar issues?

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    The only problem we've ever had with 3dcart over the years has been with their Amazon integration. It's frustrating because every time there is a problem, it takes a week to get it fixed because it takes several days to get the ticket bumped to the appropriate support level. Even though I ID when opening the ticket that it's an Amazon integration issue. I can't believe that years later, I am still having the same issues getting timely support for this plug in.