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    We just went live, and are finding that we cannot use OM to do credits! We get a "Declined! (User)" error each time. All settings are exactly as they were on our Monster cart, and we have no problems with that at all.

    Also, is there a reason why OM imports only 10 orders at a time, and in random order??? Again, we didn't have that issue before, and have all settings the same. What settings am I missing.

    Thanks for any help :)

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    Crediting with Stoneedge depends on a few factors.

    What gateway do you use? If it's, you should be able to credit easily, as long as the transaction is already settled. If not, you have to wait on it until the next day, or, void the original transaction and re-charge. You also have to have the passwords/key set up correctly in Stoneedge.

    There is also a parameter in stoneedge for 3D Cart called maxorderdownloads(I think that's it). You can set this where you want, but it should not be more than 100. The import is not "random", but instead orders the downloads by SE order number instead of 3D cart. This took some getting used to.

    Hope this helps.


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      Thank you for that--I knew there had to be a setting but I couldn't find it.

      I also have an issue where there is an order in my new order section that will not download. The order number is completely out of sequence as well--we are now importing orders with numbers in the 44000's, and this one is 43089. I double checked to see if it had been imported prior, but the order date is yesterday and that order number is missing from the previous sequential order numbers--it seems to have been randomly assigned!

      Very strange.

      As for payment, we use Verisign (Pay Flow Pro)--never had an issue with Monster, and we have all of our settings correctly configured. From other forums, it sounds like it might be due to 3D not giving us access to the entire card number--I hope that is on the plans to be corrected, as having to do manual credits each day would be a big pain.


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        Order Manager

        I have also had the same issue with orders that are drastically out of sequence not being downloaded into Order Manager. It is usually when we contact someone about an abandoned basket and then they complete the purchase. I am not sure what the fix would be for that.

        As for the credit card numbers, 3dCart made a change yesterday and now I am getting all of the digits. Once they are in Order Manager, they are encrypted, so that is safe. And it now allows me to do re-orders and credit / refunds. Might want to contact 3dCart about doing that for you.


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          Thank you so much--that is a big help!


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            We have just switched from to Paypal Website Payments Pro. I am disappointed to find that StoneEdge does not recognize that payments as coming from Paypal and therefore it cannot issue refunds. Jimmy from 3dcart said that he would get it resolved, but it doesn't appear to work correctly yet....