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Move orders that are delivered to a "Delivered" Status - Any interest?

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  • ForcedFabllc

    either or! I prefer to own the solution, but this is a interesting idea!

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  • Move orders that are delivered to a "Delivered" Status - Any interest?

    One of the things that has frustrated me for a long time is that once orders are moved to SHIPPED, they just stay there forever.

    I have written a little script that tracks a package though its progress (for USPS since that's all we use) and once the package is marked as delivered the script moves the order to a custom order status called "delivered" and sends the customer an email saying that we show their package is delivered, we hope they are happy, if they have any issues like not actually getting the package to let us know... etc.

    This is also more helpfull when someone logs into their account, because they can see the true order status. On their account page, next to orders that are delivered I show the reorder button, and next to orders that are "shipped" I show the track package button.

    The biggest thing is that if there is an error in delivery it moves the package to another status so that we know. Before we had to rely on our customers letting us know the package was never delivered, and sometimes they would not notice for weeks, or we would just get the package returned without notice.

    If I was to make this script something that you could purchase, would anyone be interested? I would obviously have to beef up the features like adding the other carriers.

    Would you be more interested in having a hosted solution, some place you login to, put in your API credentials, change some settings, and forget it. (With a small monthly fee) or would you rather just purchase the code outright and host it yourself?

    Let me know your thoughts on features, and if your interested!