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  • Customer: Additional Field(s)

    Is there anyway to echo/print the content of the Additional Field boxes, in the Customer section, on a given page.

    e.g. the top of the page where it says:

    Hello, John Doe | Logout

    I would like to have content from the Additional Field(s) displayed there as well, are there any "tokens" that will pull this information?

    e.g. [username] - [additional_field3]

    Thank you.

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    The code you need is indeed [additional_field3], but it only works on /myaccount.asp


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      Good morning! I was thinking about this last night and just tested this morning. You can have that code anywhere in the frame as long as it is between the following two tags:

      HTML Code:
      <!--START: username-->[additional_field3]<!--END: username-->


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        Originally posted by ProRetail View Post
        You can have that code anywhere in the frame
        Right, but it will still only display on the myaccount.asp page correct?


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          No. If it is within those tags you will see it on every page.


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            Hmm, for me the only place that it displays what is entered in the 'Additional Field' is on the myaccount page, everywhere else it just displays [additional_field3]






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              Ugh. I'm a terrible person. I'm sorry for getting your hopes up. I swear I tested it on the homepage, but I must not have. If I think of another solution I will definitely let you know.


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                If you are feeling very industrious you can capture the data (perhaps by opening a hidden iframe to the account page) and then write it to a cookie, and then on each page reload pull it from the cookie.


                On a side note I wish they would make all fields work on all pages... there are so many times I want some bit of data that does not work on the page i'm working with!


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                  Originally posted by ProRetail View Post
                  I'm a terrible person.
                  No you're not, it happens to everyone. I appreciate you trying.

                  @NMTEACO Thanks, yeah I have been turning to iframes, as the workaround for most of the things I want that 3D cart doesn't offer. In this case, being able to post content from the Additional Field(s) would have been a nice way to display personalised content on the site that only the user would see. However I was originally hoping i could use this to give the site more intelligence about who was logged in. Specifically if they were a wholesaler or not. To do that I ended up creating a dummy wholesale product, only visible to "price level 2." I applied a blank product page template, and the only content for the product was some javascript that will run a function on a parent page, in the description. On the site frame, I coded a hidden iframe linking to that product. If the logged in user is a wholesaler, the product is 'visible' and the javascript will run. If they are not logged in, or not a wholsaler, nothing happens. (I also had to make the script smart enough to know if itself is in an iframe... otherwise it would open a continuous loop of iframes forever.)

                  I like 3Dcart it has a lot of nice features, but many of the, what I would consider basic functions that it is missing, can be quite frustrating. In these cases you just have to get really creative.


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                    Thats a great work around.