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Potential issue with V7 and SearchSpring

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  • Potential issue with V7 and SearchSpring

    Our SearchSpring keyword search box stopped working. I'm not sure exactly when since I don't use it often, but I submitted a ticket to SearchSpring tech support and received the following reply:

    "Please touch base with 3dCart support to get this issue resolved - we had another customer see this issue (global header rolled back to be a background image instead of the actual HTML elements) and 3dCart was able to resolve it (as their changes/upgrade introduced this issue). Let me know if you have any questions."

    So, if you use SearchSpring on your site, you might want to check to see if your keyword search is operating properly.

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    we lost ours six or seven times (we're on Searchspring) - navigate to modules -> search the term "search" check box "enable store search" leave enable quick search un checked - click save


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      onering You should file a ticket for this. Many of us already have (random modules turning off, in particular the search modules). 3dCart keeps saying they've fixed it, yet this exact issue keeps getting reported on the forums. Clearly it's not fixed.


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        Thanks for replying. This solved the issue. I did submit a support ticket yesterday morning but haven't received a reply yet.


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          I had my search module turn off by itself (only discovered it last week). About 5 days ago my RSS feed module, mailing list module, and email a friend module, mysteriously turned off by itself. I have too much to do each day trying to battle all these new 3dcart issues, I don't have time to continuously go and check if modules are on or off each day. There is no way this is fixed yet.