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Shopgate is horrible do not sign up

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  • Shopgate is horrible do not sign up

    If you take a look around the forums here, and the review of the app in the 3dcart app store you will see they are not highly regarded.

    They cold called me because they saw we had a 3dcart store and said they they were a top partner with 3dcart and that they worked very well for the service.

    Shopgate's service basically builds a mobile app front end for your store, and then sends order through your 3dcart back end. Their sales pitch claims they will generate many new sales, and so they take a cut of revenue. I figured it was the same deal as amazon, so why not try it out. They cut me a deal on the set up charges and broke up the fees over a few months.

    Most importantly to my decision to try them out is the 14 day trial period in which case you can cancel for a full refund. I figured if their implementation was horrible, I would just cancel and go about my business as usual.

    And then the problems start!!!

    It took them about two months to get the integration connected with 3dcart. This seemed odd to me since they were supposedly a top partner. Then the implementation was horrible. Because of some of the way we use fields in our products there was a lot of nonsensical text in the app. The app itself is SLOWWWW, it loads the whole site every time you go to a new product. So there is absolutely no benefit to the user over just visiting the site on their phone.

    I tried to cancel for 2 months... apparently my account representative was on vacation, and nothing could be done till he got back. Finally he comes back from vacation and tells me this:

    "Our accounting department is processing the cancelation of your account. Our Vice President saw that we had completely finished development on our end, so unfortunately we will not be able to issue a refund."

    So the 14 day trial is actually just a bold faced lie.

    ​I have had to dispute the charges on my credit card, but unfortunately since they took so long to implement the app I can't dispute the first charge of $180.

    So beware of this company! I will be contacting 3dcart to inform them of the deceptive advertising on their app store, and asking them to take the app down, or make changes to the description.

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    It's seeming that all these 3dCart "partners" are staring to run wild.

    Spam emails, cold calls, slimy business practices, and now - blatant lies, bordering on being fraudulent.

    3dcart-Alex 3dcart-Carlos 3dcart-Henry please look into this. 3rd parties are starting to pray upon your customers, under guise of having "3dcart's blessing" so-to-speak... and it's getting aggravating.

    ​I hope 3dCart helps resolve this issue for NMTEACO, but really 3dCart needs to rein in it's 3rd party "partners".


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      3dcart-Alex 3dcart-Carlos 3dcart-Henry GonzaloGil jimmy3dcart I've gotten 3 spam emails from Shopgate just today. If you have any influence with them, make them stop. If not, take steps to remove them as "partners". I've had enough!


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        Shopgate's rates are laughable anyway.
        Joe Arbogast


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          They keep calling me and I was just about to ask about them on the forum..... but then I found this :-) I trust everyone on here, so I think I have my answer :-) Thank You!