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    What do you guys use for Accounting software? If you use Quickbookss, do you use the 3dCart integration plugin? Is it easy enough to just export the info from 3dCart and import it into Quickbooks?

    Would I be able to easily export the info from 3dCart and import it into other Accounting programs like Microsoft Accounting, Peachtree or MYOB?

    Would I be able to easily export and import the info into Quickbooks for Mac?

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    Hey DCG,

    I remember reading your post a couple weeks ago and didn't feel qualified to respond (I still don't : ) But I use Quickbooks 2007 as well as the 3Dcart integration. I actually just did my first import this week.

    Overall, I found it to be very easy to install and easy to import information from 3DCart. One thing that I ran into was errors when trying to import orders that contained options. Not sure how to fix that. I just ended up reentering those orders manually.

    I've used other accounting software in the past but like using Quickbooks obviously because 3Dcart has developed an application for it. But I also like using it because there seems to be a good amount of support for it online via the Quickbooks community website and forums.

    As far as Quickbooks for Mac - I don't know the answer to that since I use a PC.


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      Ive been using Lotus 123 since the 90s its simple but you got to type in all manually but i rather do it manually because when a employee make a mistake you can see it before it too late.


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        The main thing I can't figure out with the 3dCart Quickbooks integration is it doesn't seem to upload the order information into Quickbooks, only the customers' names and addresses. Am I doing something wrong?


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          I typically don't have a problem with the order information being imported unless I don't have that product as an item in Quickbooks or if I have the item id wrong. But in that case, the order isn't imported at all. Do you have the exact same item id numbers in Quickbooks as you do in 3dcart?

          Also did you follow the setup instructions in the Quickbooks Integration manual (i.e. how to import the orders as sales receipts)?

          Not sure what else it could be...


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            14,500 Qb Limit

            Hey all,
            1st time poster here. Been lurking a few weeks. As I go live in a few weeks I was looking into QB and found a limit of 14,500 products and customers. Don't know what kind of volume you guys have but this killed my import from my previous ecommerce "provider" (of stress).

            So I am lookin into Stone Edge. This will keep everything in one place and only send a daily summary to QB as a transaction entry. QB is good I suppose if you have low volume (w/hopefully high dollar amount:)
            But if you sell a lot of little things to a lot of people, you will outgrow QB soon after you get it working.

            I intend to participate more here after I launch but for now I have an emergency code red caused by my soon to be old provider thinking they know what is best for me and forcing me to "upgrade" my cart software which I own! Fortunately I planned my exit strategy to 3dc 18 months ago.

            talk to y'all in Sept


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              I have been using QB since 2005 and always struggled with it. I finally hired a QB Advisor and she is worth every cent. I have never taken an accounting or book keeping class in my life, and she is making everything so easy to learn.

              She suggested since 3dcart offers the integration to give it a try.

              I had some bumps installing it, but Jimmy was awesome as usual, we have it running and OMG it's awesome!!

              My best,


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                I'm glad you mentioned hiring a Quickbooks Advisor. During last tax season I spent hours poring over Quickbooks forums trying to find answers to some of the problems I was having. Looking back it probably would have been better to do like you and just hire someone to walk me through some of those things.

                And I agree the Quickbooks plugin is great.