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Does 3dcart mailchimp integration send a confirmation e-mail after signup?

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  • Does 3dcart mailchimp integration send a confirmation e-mail after signup?

    I have the integrated sign up form on our website and I know anyone signing up on that form will get the double-opt in confirmation emails. I also have the newsletter sign-up box set up in the shopping cart that is tied to the mailchimp API. Someone has to manually check that box to ask to be signed up during checkout. I do not know if they would still receive the opt in confirmation emails though? I ask because someone unsubscribed today and said "they did not sign up". This person placed an order and checked the subscription box. I am wondering if the box is checked in the cart, will mail chimp send them the required confirmation e-mails after the 3dcart list syncs with mailchimp?

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    Hello Danab

    The mailchimp integration works by syncing your newsletters subscribers to your mail chimp account. So once signed up in your store the module syncs that mailing list to mailchimp. The mail chimp system shouldn't send an email because its just syncing the list. Here is the article that has more details on how this integration works and functions :


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      3dcart-William Thanks. I had read all of that and it did not say if any sort of a confirmation email was sent to the customer when they sign up via the cart so I wanted to double check. I know this falls under mailchimps terms of use for e-commerce customers and I think I should be OK with can spam act etc. Just no way to prove the customer actually signed up so I guess I will have to add something additional to my store policies in order to be compliant. I never automatically sign anyone up when they purchase from me, but the problem is how to prove that if it ever becomes necessary.