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USPS shipping calculations do not reflect recent price increase

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  • USPS shipping calculations do not reflect recent price increase

    I noticed that USPS just raised the price of signature confirmations by 10 cents. We ship everything with signature confirm, but our cart is not yet reflecting the price increase in the calculator. Shouldn't USPS API automatically update the price or do I have to do something? As it is, we're getting shorted 10 cents on every sale. Hoping someone can advise. Thanks!

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    For now, you can browse to the shipping method and ad a markup of .1 and save your changes. Don't click the box next to the % sign.
    - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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      Does your loss rate justify paying almost $2.50 for the signature? Our claim rate is so low, it's cheaper to take the hit when someone makes a claim. I don't buy insurance for this reason...the mis-delivery rate is so tiny.


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        I understand that I can markup, but I don't get why USPS hasn't updated their own application to reflect accurate rates. Can't find anyone at USPS to answer this. Our product values and loss rate justify the signature confirm.