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A countdown Timer at Checkout

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  • A countdown Timer at Checkout

    In another store we have on a different platform starting with Shopi...:-) we have a countdown timer that starts at 20 minutes when a customer reaches the cart page and says your products will be reserved for you - while the timer counts down - its a cheap little app only costs like $5 a month but it has drastically increased conversions.

    Does anyone know where I could get this developed - I am not going to pay 3D cart to get it done they will charge me an arm and and leg and then offer it to everyone.I don't care if people use it but I don't want to foot the bill.

    Any suggestions would be helpful - thanks

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    You might check out -- they have a countdown clock that you may be able to use.
    Joe Arbogast


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      Thanks for the suggestion but their countdown timer is more for an event or a sale ending - but it might be worth sending a note to them to request it - they might be ale to come up with something.