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Facebook online store feature is broken?

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  • Facebook online store feature is broken?

    OK - spent a few hours on this and finally at my wits end. For those of you using the Facebook online store feature which allows you to add product ID's, home page specials etc. to build an online store tab at your business facebook page.

    We have found now there is no way to alter your product ID's for the products showing, we have like 15 products we were testing and 3 random products are showing up on our Facebook store - these ID's have not been entered at Facebook and are randomly appearing - gets more interesting, we are unable to add anymore than these 3 products showing - it does not matter what we do at Facebook. We can click show homepage specials, categories, nothing, you can click update and 3 same products show on Facebook.

    We used to be able to show 50 products, etc. where folks could click on the add to cart button and be taking to our website to buy - now we can't add. tweak, get rid of these 3 products. The app between the 2 3dcart and Facebook is broken and we are stuck!

    Does anyone else know how to get this app working again since at the moment nothing we do alters the 3 products showing at our Facebook online store!!! We even gave Facebook a few days to update their servers:) This should be instant - I was so frustrated that I closed out of it a few days ago - checked today and same issue. It may have been broken for quite some time and we never caught it, but it used to work great now it is just junk.
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    have you ever been so ticked you want to throw your computer through a window? Well I've just spent another 2 hours working on this broken feature. I uninstalled the app on Facebook, reinstalled it and still no products showing on Facebook just an error url:

    First you go to the app area on Facebook which I have to use this from 3dcart to get to the app page"

    Update: 3/1/2017
    Some users have reported not being able to see the "Apps" link described above. Instead, they see a link labeled "Partner Apps and Services" which does not have the 3dcart Online Store App listed in it. It does not appear to be happening to all users, so it may be due to updates being made on the Facebook side of things.

    In any event, if this is the case for you and you are not able to see the "Apps" link described above, please use the following work around:
    1. Click on the "Partner Apps and Services" link
    2. Look at your browser's Address Bar and go to the end of the URL where you will see "?tab=manage_business_services"
    3. Change this portion of the URL to "?tab=apps" and hit enter.
    The page will load the previously mentioned Apps link and you may continue with the rest of these steps."

    Once i get to the app - I click "go to app" on attached picture.

    After I get to the 3dcart online store area of Facebook - it doesn't matter what what I click on as far as Style, Columns, Display - nothing works! This used to work and now nothing, completley useless as it stands! When customers on Facebook click on our "online store" tab they simply get an error:

    Seriously does anyone know how to get this fixed??? And yes I am clicking the update on facebook and facebook page states settings saved but absolutely nothing happens.
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      Figured it out finally! It needs catalog IDs that we never use. I was using our Item ID's not the randomly generated category ID's that 3dcart assigns. I'll attach a .jpg showing folks to use the category ID
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        I cant seem to get to the portion where you do this:
        1. Change this portion of the URL to "?tab=apps" and hit enter.
        Everytime i do that it keeps telling me oh, sorry error, click this link to go back.

        So are we stuck with how it currently looks on facebook, basically all my items thrown together on there or can i sort this out by category at least?