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Ebay warnings for non-secure content

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  • Ebay warnings for non-secure content

    Ebay is sending warnings for non-secure content. These include links back to images, plus a bunch of other links that the module inserts for styling etc..

    Is there a workaround for this other that switching the whole site to https? I am not even sure if this will solve the issue because the links the module inserts are not secure.

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    I converted to HTTPS for the whole site and I am OK now. They keep showing me the warning message but when I check it, all my listings pass. I only had to manually edit some of the logo image links to https for older things that relisted. I haven't tried listing anything new from 3dcart though because I had an issue with stock that sold out on ebay suddenly showing up as available again on my website out of the blue. I can try and list something new and let you know if there are any issues if that will help.


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      Thanks Danab . I would appreciate that.

      Although, we should not have to change our whole site just to be compliant with Ebay. The module can easily modify the links to satisfy ebay.

      It also seems to me that you do get dinged on Google when you switch to https. I am not sure why, but I think the http and https links are not considered the same.


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        SOLVED. I moved the template listing_ebay_0.html from the common folder to my template folder, then changed every occurrence of [store_URL] to my secure store address (, and also changed any other occurrence in the template of http: to https:
        Now my NEW Ebay listings are secure and no more warnings.

        I don't know why support would know this simple fix and only suggest that I change my whole site to https :(
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          I don't know how much it helps, but you can set the https version as the preferred version in Google webmaster. I have an active change of address in with google since I did a total domain name change so I cannot do it myself until that COA expires. You can't do a COA for just swapping to https though. I think there was a post here from folks who swapped over and it was relatively painless. The extra little ranking boost and the fact that Google indexes https pages before http ones now might help balance it out a bit if you do lose any juice during indexing. I think it was the member who sells honey who posted some info about swapping a few months ago?

          I have to work on a few things and then I will try posting something new to ebay and let you know how it goes. =)