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  • 3DBoost Tips Tricks & Creative Uses

    Just got The 3DBoost Mod. Anyone have any creative uses for it? Any tips/tricks not listed?

    This Ap/Mod shows a lot of promise.

    One thing I noticed is that one wants to make use of the view limits or it will just keep popping up over and over again. Nice that this feature is built in.

    What do you have?

    PS: Thanks for the fast install. As I was sending an email to ask when it would be installed, it was installed. Probably less than 1 hour from purchase. That's the way it should go. Nice work!
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    I use this as an "announcement" for a category special and don't want the customer to be redirected to another page when they click the button...

    Magie from support said: " you want the popup to display on the category page to alert them that there is a discount for the products in that specific category. In that case, I would not add a button URL. I would recommend using the custom text option under the Upsell Content section. Set the background, button, and button text colors to white or the color of your choice. Then set the Text color to a different color. The final step is to enter the Headline and Content text that you would like to display in the popup. Here is a visual of what the popup should look like ( ). Don't forget to size the popup to fit all the text. I set my example to 300x300. Your customers will simply need to select the X in the right-hand corner to close the pop-up and continue with their order."

    This is VERY useful!