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What Plug-ins Am I entitled to?

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  • What Plug-ins Am I entitled to?

    I seem to run into this every time there is a new feature added. I am on the "Power Plan" -- it's an old plan that covers everything I need and when I signed up for, it included all the extra features. All the modules show available to me -- Reviews, Gift Registry, Store Credit, etc. Now I am trying to add new features -- 2-Step Auth, Pre-Ordered Items etc.,, and can't get them to work. So I contact Support - today Support tells me that I must upgrade my account. So with all the modules available to me except for the Pre-Ordered Items, I'm supposed to upgrade to the new Pro Plan (which is the new version of what I'm on), only I have to pay $100 more a month? I'm hoping that this support tech just didn't know what plan I'm on since it's a grandfathered plan -- but I'm wondering how many others have run into this.

    Joe Arbogast

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    So I guess 3dCart has changed its policy regarding older plans that you are grandfathered into. I have been informed that the Pre-Order Module is "only available under our new plans" So now if I want this module I have to up my plan for an additional $100/month. I guess I'll wait until something else new comes out and I need that because it's not worth $100 for the one module that will be of limited use.
    Joe Arbogast