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3dcart Truncating Shipping Name

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  • 3dcart Truncating Shipping Name

    Maybe there is a setting somewhere, but I'm finding that the cart is truncating the Shipping Name field on orders imported from Amazon. Amazon shoppers for some reason have very outlandish ship-to names and they don't know how to put information in Company or 2nd Address fields, but be that as it may, here is an example

    I'm making up an example (names have been changed to protect the innocent): James Masters Art Center, Attn: Mary Smith" -- granted this is way too much info for one address line, but 3dcart is changing it to: "James Smith" -- removing everything bit the first and last words.

    I have to be careful that the ship to name information is enough so that the recipient can be found - I've had shipments where it did not because I didn't catch it and it was going to a business and they don't know who "James Smith" is for example.

    Joe Arbogast