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Heads Up for Amazon Sellers on Name Field

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  • Heads Up for Amazon Sellers on Name Field

    When 3dCart imports an order from Amazon (FBS) it truncates the name field, it drops everything between the first and last name/word, and can create issues when creating shipping labels. I get quite a few orders from Amazon that have name fields like "James Smith c/o Denver RV Camp" -- 3dCart imports the name as "James Camp" -- if you don't catch it, they might not know at the RV Camp who "James Camp" is. Plus some people have two last names and if they don't use the hyphen - they put Mary Lewis Smith -- 3dcart drops the "Lewis" from the field.

    I put in a ticket for it but they said it was a "development" issue that they would consider if enough people voted for it in User Voice - not sure how many Amazon users are going to even see such a request at User Voice though.
    Joe Arbogast