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  • Connecting Mailchimp to site

    It seems as though Mailchimp may have changed their integration a bit because when I look at the connected sites, Mailchimp says it cannot connect to my site and says I need to add some of their code to our site to the pages we want Mailchimp to connect to (I'm assuming any of the product listing pages.) Is this some sort of new integration we need to do on our side now?

    I came across this after trying to do an email and inserting products from our site, but despite 3DCart being set to sync products, only a handful were actually there to add to the email so something is "off" with the integration so wondering if this new insert code is part of our problem.

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    We were experiencing mailchimp reporting issues for some time. Finally think I fixed it from adding in the code that you mentioned, but was not clearly indicated.

    While you mentioned that MC stated it was not connected, our dashboard said the opposite. Never indicated an issue connecting to 3DCart

    If you haven't already done so, I would try adding that code.

    For us, MC now sees two sites connected for us unfortunately: 1. for using the 3dcart module, 2. for adding the code to the site which created an 'additional site' on he MC side.

    Gave it 24 hours or so, and checked the MC dashboard to see actual data start coming through.

    As for syncing products, I'm not entirely sure this will solve your problem there.