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    Hi all, I am liking what I see regarding Mailchimp less and less. They have literally become the email mafia, and I am looking for an alternative that integrates well with 3dCart and is easy to use. My company also has constant contact for their shopify stores, but the powers that be are open to rolling everything over to 1 unified platform. Any insights you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Andrew
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    Well I just discovered zapier this morning. Looks like you can sync new customers from 3d to just about any app... including constant contact. Not exactly sure how it works yet, but figured I'd mention it.


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      Thanks JoeBTI I saw that a couple of companies have connectors like that, so it is an interesting option. My only concern is the amount of information that is synced between the two. I know that Mailchimp has a pretty tight connection built, so it will enhance functionality a good bit. Unfortunately, they are the only one that has that with 3d as far as I know. An awesome feature that I used to have with omnisend is the ability to import a product listing / image from the website into an email without having to copy / paste etc. Not even sure if this is part of the connection with mailchimp.


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        I second JoeBTI's comment about Zapier. If you want full control over your customer communications, you simply cannot do better. We have been using Zapier for some email messaging for a few years now with very few issues and are now ramping up our usage to take over all of our customer communications. Plus it can do way more than just handle customer emails. Highly recommended.

        Another option may be Klaviyo.


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          Thank you warrisr - do you have an email marketing platform installed now? If you don't mind me asking, is there a short way to explain how you will use zapier to do this? I am curious since I have looked at how zapier integrates with 3dcart, and it seems a bit limited, but I am open to learn some new tricks. I have looked at Klaviyo, awesome program, probably the most expensive.


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            We use MailChimp off and on when we do larger mailing campaigns. For everything else we use Zapier.

            We used Zapier to solve some specific emailing problems a few years ago and used it for a long time before I realized just how incredibly powerful this service is. At first it may seem like it may be limited, but once you enable it in 3dCart and then start to add in other services such as Gmail, Quickbooks, cloud printing, a form service (Zapier supports many), any other of the Google cloud services, your favorite chat service, your calendar service, and oddly enough, even MailChimp, then you begin to see just what is possible.

            As a simple example, we use a Zap that automatically sends a review request email to a customer, x days after their order is shipped. The email message is fully customized based on the customer's specific order details, and will only go out if this is their first purchase of a particular product. All of the details to create this email message by Zapier was initially supplied by 3dCart when the order was shipped.

            We have other Zaps that automatically generate fully customized email messages whenever a customer's order status changes. We have about six different statuses set up in 3dCart, e.g., Processing, Delayed, In Production, Hold, Ready to Ship, Shipped. Each time the order status changes, a different personalized email message is sent to the customer explaining what is happening with their order. Customer's love it as they are kept in the loop during the entire production and fulfillment process.

            We also use Zapier with a document generation service (Docupilot - also highly recommended), to automatically generate customized shipping documents using Word templates. We currently have 11 different PDF documents that get generated for things like our order confirmation, the order invoice, commercial invoices for international shipments, packing slips, all required government forms, required ISO documents, etc. All of these documents are automatically created and emailed with a personalized email message when the order status changes in 3dCart, with all of the data coming from 3dCart.

            Our business needs are a bit complex, but Zapier can accommodate both simple and advanced requirements with a very short learning curve. You don't need to know any programming or fuss with trying to get one service to connect to another service. You just log into your service's account with Zapier, and you are ready to go.

            Zapier not only supports the linking of thousands of different online services but also has hundreds of built-in functions such as text formatting and extraction tools, math and number formatting, email services, basic storage services, etc. It also provides full line item support, which means it knows how to handle and format line items used in invoices, packing slips, etc.

            I know that this probably sounds like a commercial, but I have been running several e-commerce sites for over 15 years now, and I can say without hesitation that Zapier is perhaps the most transformative type service to come along in a very long time. It is definitely changing the way we operate our business.
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              We use AWeber - mail chimp sucks in my humble opinion.


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                That is great kelly thank you. I was looking at AWeber because it also integrates with our multiple shopify stores, and mailchimp is no longer an allowed app there - although I don't know the real reason behind the breakup between the two, it says a lot.

                That said, do you find it easy to build emails with product listings / images in it? I know the integration 3d has with mailchimp allows for the transfer of product info into their system, and that functionality would make creating an email blast a lot quicker / easier. They also do abandoned cart notifications, etc. I truly hope AWeber has a lot of those functionalities as they relate to 3d as well since it is one of the modules I see included. If you could let me know, that would be greatly appreciated. Andrew
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                  I second that question. I stick with mailchimp primarily because of the fact that it synchronizes the products and I can add them to emails in a few seconds. That saved time is worth quite a lot to me. Do any other services synchronize the products that way?


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                    I know that jimmy3dcart is heavily involved in setting up apps / integrations. Jimmy, since you are so knowledgable with regards to the API / integrations, can you jump in here? I know you guys are tight with Mailchimp, but since they have become an island unto themselves and don't play nicely with others, can you offer some insight as to any other robust email / marketing platforms? Thank you, Andrew