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    Had a customer call me saying that our site could not function with Privacy Badger -- frankly never heard of it before now -- she couldn't even do a search without turning it off. Is this an issue with all 3dCart sites -- all ecommerce sites - or just mine because of some third-party cookies?
    Joe Arbogast

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    I had not heard of this from any of our customers. This seems to be the Privacy Badger site. I do not know if this helps at all.

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      I read up on it a bit since I hadn't heard of this one. It kind of seems like a pain and I hope it doesn't block IP tracking when someone places an order or anything. I use that when determining fraud sometimes. There's supposed to be a button that they just push to turn it off on a website if it breaks it. But it looks like the only way you can see exactly what is being blocked on your website, you would have to install it. It is only supposed to be for third party trackers not first party ones coming from the website they choose to visit. I read some reviews on the play store and it seems folks love it or hate it because it breaks too many things.

      I turned off addthis for products awhile ago (except for on 2 pages) since folks were on the fence as to whether or not it was beneficial or it caused an increase in folks leaving your site without making a purchase. Maybe we can post a list of third party things that are being blocked here to help each other?


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        Because people are rightfully concerned about privacy, an increasing number use VPN services and they use tools like these to block cookies and java script. Google Analytics is affected because it uses java script.

        This highlights the need for 3dCart to fix SmarterStats or find another web file analyzer. Web file analyzers rely on the the server log which record every visit to every page and file. They cannot be blocked. The reports are not as many or robust as Google Analytics, but some of them are more accurate. A few years ago, SmarterStats stopped reporting category pages information unless they are custom category pages. We have the exact date it stopped working. We sent in tickets but the issue was never resolved. Recently, we communicated with Gonzalo, reporting the issue and suggested another tool.

        If they fix this, we merchants will have better information that can be used for number of challenges, including marketing. Neither type of analytics will accurately report the real ip address of a visitor using a vpn but at least we will know which pages they visit and can decide what to do.