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Endicia's new Dazzle software is super buggy!

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  • Endicia's new Dazzle software is super buggy!

    I thought I would post the bugs I have run into with the latest release of the Endicia Dazzle software. Perhaps this might help out some fellow storekeeps especially if you are integrated with 3dcart and Endicia and things have gone haywire. I am not integrated, but I have been with Endicia forever and this is the first time I have experienced such a mess with their software. bought them out and they made huge changes. Lots of things simply aren't working or you think they are and they aren't. It took me 2 hours on hold to reach their tech support and another 2 hours on top of that to send them screenshots etc. of all these issues. So hopefully they will be rolling out a hotfix soon.
    1. If you can't login to the Endicia website it is because the website has actually changed. The new website is
    2. If you can't login to the new website because your website password won't work, try your Endicia software pass phrase.
    3. When you print out some of your labels and you look at the postage log, you may see something that says "This record has been altered". It will also print this out on your postage record receipt which makes it seem like you somehow fraudulently fiddled with it. No fix yet.
    4. If you print out international labels from Endicia Dazzle, the electronic data will show that for unclaimed packages, you want it to be treated as abandoned. This is even if you have return to sender marked in Dazzle. Only way to avoid this is to print international labels from the website.
    5. All priority mail labels are incorrectly printing out with a 1 day delivery estimate on the label.
    6. You cannot access the scan form from within Dazzle since it is currently broken. You can access it from the website though it is a little more work to figure out how to print it. If you print out some labels from Dazzle and some (like internationals) on the website, I can confirm that all labels you printed for the day will show up on the scan form printed from the website.
    7. Dazzle talks to the website, but the website does not talk to Dazzle. So things printed out on the website, will not show in your Dazzle postage log.
    8. If you try and print a receipt on the website for a label printed from the Dazzle software, the sender and recipient address fields are blank.
    9. Many of the reports within the Dazzle software are broken and may freeze the program. Some of them are working on the website. The summary report is not working on the website for me and it is completely blank.
    10. You cannot make custom sized labels on the website. You have to choose from their preset sizes.
    11. The tech told me that the old Endicia website is going to go away. So be sure to print out all your reports for the time period before the new software went into effect for filing of next years taxes. The new website only has the data starting from this month (or from the day you upgraded to it). I do not think it is safe to assume that the records will still be accessible after the old website goes bye bye.
    There could be more bugs I haven't run across yet. I will post if I find any more. Hope this helps!


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    One more thing I forgot to add. If the Dazzle software tells you there was an error printing a label and you will not be charged, double check to see if it really did charge you. I was charged for one label three times. I had to request a refund for two of the charges.