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  • Refer a Friend or Referral Program Widget

    For years, I have been wishing and hoping for an actual Referral program or widget from 3DCart and am frustrated most by the clunky workaround of "Email a Friend" as well as the equally clunky "Rewards Points". I really want to reward customers who refer a friend because I don't advertise and referrals are the highest, most authentic compliment to receive. It's clear that 3DCart has not found this to be a priority feature to implement. What are others here using? I saw on a competitor's platform that they include a very nice "Give $10 Get $10" (or however much the reward amount is as chosen by the store) referral widget provided by Talkable, but unless you're using their shopping cart, the pricing is out of reach for my small business. Are any other 3DCart users using a referral program/widget/app, and how does it work for you?