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  • What does Import?

    I have set up with my website for printing my USPS labels and so far it has been working great. Within my store people have the option of shipping their order or doing a curbside pickup. This morning I had an issue in which imported not only the shipping order I needed to print, but a pick up order was also imported. I haven't had this issue in the past but now I am wondering where pulls orders from... Is it anything in the new folder?

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    It imports the order number, ship to address, and products and weight. Exports back tracking into 3dcart. Sometimes this does not work and you have to copy and paste.


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      But what I am wondering is how it knows which orders to import? Is it anything in the new tab? Or does it actually know which ones are USPS shipping?


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        Sorry yes - its orders in the New tab. FYI you can add UPS shipping to your account.


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          Good to know! Do you know if it is possible to specify orders from certain sections? I saw today that it imported orders both from the New and Processing (which in this situation is what I wanted) but I don't want it to always import orders that are not being shipped if they are in the New folder.


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            I did not know about the processing items export as well. It would be nice to have specific folder export and some not. I have looked at that but have not found a solution.

            You can edit order status tabs here:

            I have processing as ready to ship so it exports.

            It would be nice to have other export options.