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    Do any of you sell on If so, do you bring the orders into 3DCart or how do you handle it?

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    It looked to be too costly from our point of view. However, we do use Amazon Product Ads, a cost-per-click program.

    Instead of selling through Amazon, a link to the item on your 3dCart Shopsite is provided. If the customer makes a purchase, it is on your website, not Amazon's. It is incredibly useful if Amazon does not already carry that item as anyone who stumbles on it will have no other options but your online store.

    However, we haven't seen significant turn around.

    Oh, it's also worth mentioning that the CPC program allows you to put a daily spending limit like Google Adwords. I much prefer that to CPC sites with no cap.
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      Please take a look at Ordoro. Our inventory management software connects your 3dcart webstore to your Amazon seller account. So, all orders are aggregated into one place, inventory is kept in sync etc. Ordoro can also automatically print shipping labels (Fedex, UPS, USPS) and manage dropshipping. Ordoro is available in the 3dcart app store.
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        we sell on ebay, amazon and 3dcart.

        we started manually entering all the orders into 3dcart and after a week scratched it.

        Now what we do is enter everything into our accounting program. That holds our master inventory and all the important stuff.

        We keep constant volume of our items, so we have our qty alerts setup in the accounting program, and ebay, amazon, and 3dcart just have infinite qty, so we don't need to worry about keep the inventory in those correct.


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          I sell on 3dcart, but want to also sell on Amazon & Ebay, question

          I sell on 3dcart but now would like to try selling my products on Amazon and Ebay, any advice? I manage my own product feeds on Google Shopping, the Find & Bing... but they are easy because you just export the product feeds from 3dcart, then upload to the shopping engine. I am getting the feeling that adding products from 3dcart to Amazon to sell and also to Ebay to sell is not as simple, right? What is the easiest way to get your products from 3dcart, into Amazon and Ebay?