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    Can promotions be set up to apply when the order total in $ is over a set amount? It appears in the help files that it is over a certain number of items or a number of orders but I can't find how to offer say, free shipping if its over an amount in $.

    Pat Cotter

    The Preemie Store

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    Hi Pat,
    Yes, you can do that...

    You would set the order amount to be between say 100 and 9999, meaning, for this promotion to take effect, order must be $100 or more...(up to 9999$).

    (There are 2 settings, # of items, and Order amount. Order amount = $ amount of order, not how many orders the customer placed, i think this is where the confusion is...)

    Then you would check the "FREE SHIPPING" option.
    Gonzalo Gil
    3dCart Support
    800-828-6650 x111


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      Ok, I think your instructions are confusing then - it says
      Applies for orders over
      If this promotion has a minimum number of orders requirement, enter that amount. If the order requirement applies to a specified items, check the Specified Items Only checkbox.

      Also, I tried it and didn't seem to work. I enabled it, set it to free shipping, orders from $50 to $500. Then I ordered enough to be over $50, calculated shipping, started checkout and still saw a shipping charge. Do I have to finish to have it go away or am I missing something....

      Pat Cotter

      The Preemie Store


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        Yes, I see that, i will have that corrected.

        You need to make sure of a couple of things:

        1) The date range you defined is valid
        2) The maximum uses is more than 1
        3) The maximum uses per customer is 1 or more
        4) The promotion must be enabled (check box enables it when you go to Marketing -> Promotions)


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          While you can put the free shipping under your promotions, I feel if you are going to keep it for the foreseeable future it is better to create a free shipping option under custom shipping methods.

          Just wanted to make you aware of another option.