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  • FTP Address/User Name/Password/Site Design

    Test driving. Need the information to access FTP files.

    Also, can you forsee any potential problems integrating the attached site design?


    ProLine Sports Nutrition & Equipment
    Last edited by ProLine; 11-06-2006, 01:20 PM.

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    Hey Proline!

    Not sure if things have changed, but I don't think you'll have access to FTP while in "demo" mode. Once you become an official family member, you'll get full access.

    Doesn't look like you would have any problem with the design you've proposed (which looks really nice, by the way). But, it would be best to speak with the 3dCart folks directly.



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      Hi Proline,

      I checked the design and it's nice and clean, there won't be any problem using it for your 3dcart store. I would suggest adding a left or right column that'll allow the customer to browse your categories and to display the shopping (# of items in cart, total and the checkout button), the left column could be hidden on the home page and displayed on the internal pages.

      You only get FTP access with the full account. You can sign up at , If by any chance after signing up you think that 3dcart is not right for your business, just let me know on the initial week and I'll give you a full refund for the service.

      You can also contact me at 1-800-828-6650 x 113 or at [email protected],com